Monday, April 8, 2013

A little birdie told me...

So this is going to be my last post for a bit since I am going to be taking off shortly to have a sweet baby girl! This invite was for a luncheon that my friends threw me. The theme was "A little birdie told me" and it was super tweet with the most beautiful combinations of aqua and pink... What a lucky little bird! 

All you need is LOVE!

So my latest creative project has been working on a "Love Reunion" invite for all the couples Natalie from Swellegant and I have worked with over the years.... Think sparkling pool, champagne and summertime! I love my job! 

Beachy Stripes!

You have got to love a California Wedding - complete with beachy stripes for elegance and a playful pop of coral for some color! Oh and don't forget the mad lib rsvp. Those are always the best to get back from your guests! The responses are always super fun to get back and the guests actually enjoy doing them and get them back to you which is a plus!! 

I can't wait to go to this wedding and snaps some some more shots of all the fun details we did - from the candy bar to the flip flop basket it is going to a great day!